The next Apple Watch should not need an iPhone around

The next Apple Watch should not need an iPhone around


It cannot be denied that Apple Watch is an impressive device from a technical point of view, but not without some flaws. Among other things, if you decide to leave your iPhone at home, apple smartwatch becomes a little less intelligent and is unable to receive messages or stream music, for example. However, this may be about to change according to the latest rumors.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on a new Watch with support for LTE networks and plans to launch this new model by the end of 2017.

You may be wondering, “what is the need for an independent smartwatch? People take their cell phones everywhere. “Well, people take their smartphones because they need them. Imagine being able to leave your phone at home to go to the beach and not have to go offline. Or being able to go out to run without your iPhone and people do not think you’ve been kidnapped for not responding to their messages.

Of course, this rumor also raises some issues. Apple Watch batteries have improved over time, but are still known for the short duration. An LTE connection would make them even less efficient. Will the new Watch have an entry for micro-SIM cards or will they be attached to the carriers that sell them?

“It would be a game changer,” said Gene Munster, co-founder of Loup Ventures and a long-time Apple analyst. “If they could deliver an experience that isn’t tethered to an iPhone, it could kick start a new direction for the business.” Still, he is not sure about the battery life in such a device.

Apple is already engaged in discussion with carriers in the U.S. and Europe about offering the cellular version, Bloomberg reported citing the people familiar with the talks.

Anyway, there are many doubts and this rumor, although coming from a reliable source, is still very recent. The way to wait is to see.

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