The Brexit Blame Game. Victims Are Starting To Sense The Pain

The Brexit Blame Game. Victims Are Starting To Sense The Pain

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With all this talk with Brexit, there has been much concern in the job market. Brexit is definitely leaving an impact on the job market. For all those unaware, Brexit is the planned withdrawal of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU). Salaries are becoming under pressure and job markets are creating more contract positions. This is unfair, as people want stability and permanence when it comes to work and pay. Job salaries have reportedly gone down 2 % in places like Adzuna, which of course is located in the U.K.

With all this Brexit discussion banks are relentless to change their plans. They are going to relying more on funding from deposits from wholesale markets. Bank funding stress is actually a thing now with low and negative interest rates.

At the end of the day someone has to pay and according to Angela Merkel German Chancellor she has informed the U.K. that if it wants to take pleasure in the advantages of the single market that they will have to disburse into the European Union’s financial plan.

Clearly there has been a pessimistic connotation and shock in the aftermath of the Brexit Decision/vote. There are obviously many questions and concerns regarding the Brexit decision and I believe they should be addressed. No concern or person should go unnoticed or ignored. Why should people have to suffer when it comes to work? Unemployment is an unfair and unjust matter. People stress about these types of things and it leads to health issues. Is this something that we really want to enforce in this world?

According to Bloomberg, bank-funding stress has gone from 10 % to 30% in the last three years. That is a high jump. Companies who have signed up for currency derivatives might become victims of the Brexit vote. Currency derivatives refer to value that has no independent value. Such as stock markets and the currency exchange rate. This means a loss for businesses, which obviously is a threat and not good news. How are businesses supposed to uphold themselves if they are losing money.

Countries like Denmark will be facing fallout from this Brexit vote. Change is something that is usually faced with uncertainty. Sometimes it can be good but sometimes it can be bad. In this instance it is bad. You feel like when things are going so well why do they have to change. But this Brexit phenomenon will hopefully/maybe just be a phase. Things never stay the same. Meaning if now things seem like they are unstable, it won’t stay like that forever. There must be answers and solutions to this Brexit vote. I’m sure people will not go up without a fight. Equality is the name of the game, so why should others suffer will others gain. We live in a mysterious world and it works in mysterious ways.

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