Tesla found a battery module caused car fire in Shanghai

Tesla found a battery module caused car fire in Shanghai


Electric vehicle (EV) maker Tesla Inc, after an incident when one of its car caught fire in Shanghai, said on Friday that a single battery module was cause behind the incident and vehicle settings have been revised by the company to ensure further protection of its batteries and has also started an investigation to see other aspects of the incident.

A Tesla Model S caught fire on April 21 while parked in the city area of Shanghai.

On its Weibo social media account, Tesla posted a statement sharing the details that an analysis and investigation of the affected car’s battery, its manufacturing data, software and history of the vehicle was carried out by a joint investigation team.

In its finding of the investigation, the team found no evidence of any defect in the system and the initial analysis showed that a single battery module at the vehicle’s front was the cause of that incident, Tesla said.

Tesla purchases battery cells from the Japanese battery manufacturer Panasonic, but battery modules, which are a group of cells joined together, are not included in those purchasing from the Japanese company.

In order to help further protection of the battery and improvement in battery’s life, Tesla has revised the thermal management and battery charging settings of its Model X and Model S of EVs that was done through an over-the-air (OTA) update in vehicle’s software, the statement said.

China has emerged as largest new energy vehicle (NEV) market in the world with the sale of 1.3 million NEV in last year, but with the growing number of NEV in the country, the issues regarding the safety of those vehicles are also growing.

China’s industry ministry also in the last month asked the EV makers to perform safety investigations in their vehicles, especially high-voltage harnesses, battery boxes, waterproof protection and in-vehicle charging devices.

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