Terrorist Media- Yes That’s A Thing. Facebook and Israel Undertake Terrorist Media...

Terrorist Media- Yes That’s A Thing. Facebook and Israel Undertake Terrorist Media Together.


Terrorist Media? Yes that’s a thing! I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure those two words aren’t supposed to go together. The news came after two government preachers decided to meet up with Facebook representatives to importantly converse the issue and have it resolved. The Facebook commission is in Israel as we speak, as the government pushes ahead with legal approaches meant to force social media to restrain in subject matter that Israel claims promotes violence. Social media is definitely not the medium and platform for this kind of matter. If someone feels there is an issue they should have the freedom to share their opinion and get involved with the matter legally.

Breitbart claims the issue is that Israel has disputed that a signal of violence with the Palestinians over the past year has been fueled by encouragement, much of it spread on social media sites like Facebook. Should Facebook do more to observe and manage the content, posted by its users? It’s raising a manner of legal and moral issues. Evidently, whether Facebook is responsible for this kind of power. Should it?

Agreements were made along with Facebook representatives to hire and create workers that can establish how to properly monitor and eliminate inciting content.

Proposed legislation is being inquired to compel social networks to get rid of content that Israel deems to be inappropriate. There has also been a proposition or better yet blackmail seeking to impose social networks to self-monitor or face a fine. Facebook stated that its community standards make it clear that there is no room for terrorists or content that promotes violence on Facebook. Israeli protection establishments at this time keep an eye open for incitement, and then report it to Facebook. Facebook then does their part by figuring out whether the material actually goes against its society standards.

Here are some statistics for those wondering in terms of actions put forward. Israel put forward 158 requests to Facebook to remove inciting content and another 13 requests to YouTube. Facebook granted some 95 percent of the requests and YouTube granted 80 percent. The amount of inciting online is an on going matter; so continuation to increase efforts will be made. No crime should go unsolicited. An inciting page is a possible tactic for terror if it is not removed.

Social media should be a platform for sharing interesting and informative news. It should be a happy place. A place where people can communicate socially. Violence in the media is definitely not something that is new. Jacksonkatz outlines some surprising statistics on violence in media targeting younger children. A September 2000 report showed that 80 percent of “R” rated movies, 70 percent of restricted video games, and 100 percent of music with “explicit content” were being promoted to children under the age of 17.  By the time a child turns eighteen years old, they will have witnessed 200,000 acts of violence and 16,000 murders, which can be detrimental to one’s mentality.

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