Strange But True Thing About The US Labor Market


    The US labor market is humming. This is confirmed by the latest figures for the month of July: 209,000 jobs were created outside agriculture. Only 180,000 new jobs were expected. The unemployment rate drops to 4.3 per cent, the lowest level in 16 years.

    Many jobs, many new jobs, and yet some companies find it hard to get new employees – even though they are willing to pay good wages: 15 to 25 US dollars per hour. Many applicants do not even lack the skills for the positions. According to this study, half of the applicants were tested for drugs.

    Number of drug addicts in the US is fasting

    The US is currently struggling with a strong drug abuse. The numbers of drug addicts and deaths have been massively strapped up in recent years. According to official data, 52,000 people died in 2015, 2016, 60,000. That is why companies see the tests as important and do not want to do without. US President Donald Trump is alarmed by the numbers and wants to work with experts against it – “with a lot of time, a lot of money and a lot of effort.”

    The drug consumption harms the health of jobseekers and at the same time causes losses to the US economy: 78.5 billion US dollars per year, estimates the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. However, general effects such as the lower productivity of companies were not included. In addition, you can not estimate how many people do not even apply – knowing that they do not pass the test.

    Organizations help companies find employment

    But it is not just about heroin or opioids, also cannabis often provides for a positive test. In the New York Times, Regina Mitchell, co-owner of a steel group, reports that at least 40 percent of the positive drug tests are due to cannabis. The drug is detectable for about one month in the blood tests.

    The problem of the lack of workers is particularly evident by the fact that organizations have already been established in problem regions such as West Virginia or Ohio to help companies search. For example, drug addicts are helped to withdraw and prepare for a job. An employer of a roofing company insists that he wants to give the positively tested applicants another chance.

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