Smartphones with 5G networks to arrive sooner than expected, says Qualcomm chief

Smartphones with 5G networks to arrive sooner than expected, says Qualcomm chief


The global market as a whole is gearing up for the launch of the 5G network. Agreements are being made, antennas have begun to be tested and, of course, processors and smartphones need to stay updated with this technology. Therefore, manufacturers are taking steps to stay in the lead.

The forecast for the launch of the 5G network, as many analysts and companies were expecting, was for three years, in 2020 only in very few countries. But with the growing demand for the internet, faster connection speeds and thousands of file transfers being made every second, the market was forced to anticipate the arrival of the 5G network in a year.

According to Steven Mollenkopf, CEO of Qualcomm, the current largest smartphone chip manufacturer in the world, “you will see it (5G) in real devices, on the shelf, in 2019. And if I were to answer that same question a year ago, I would have said 2020, “the executive said in an interview at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Leading companies in the network segment are already beginning preparations for the implementation of the 5G network. Accompanying the very high demand, manufacturers like Huawei, Nokia and Ericsson, as well as Qualcomm itself, are working at full speed to have what they need by 2019.

In the list of countries that should first receive the 5G network are the largest and most important markets that consume high technology: China, South Korea, the United States and Japan. It is the world’s leading technology companies, as expected.

At the Motor Show in Frankfurt, the popular manufacturer of electronic components Qualcomm has unveiled a new induction technology. Thanks to this innovation, electric cars will be able to recharge while on roads. This is a great opportunity for the development of electric and autonomous cars. The new technology derived from the WEVC (Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging) , which already allows your car to be recharged by induction. To do this, simply park on a parking plate provided for this purpose. A plate in the vehicle will handle the transfer of energy. This is the same operating mode as the wireless charging that currently equips many smartphones.

But Qualcomm has decided to go even further. With its Qualcomm Halo DEVC (Dynamic Electric Vehicle Charging), you will not even have to park to recharge your car. All that is required is that the roads of the future be equipped with smart induction plates.

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