Skype: its new version finally arrives on computer!

Skype: its new version finally arrives on computer!


Last June, Microsoft deployed a new version of its popular instant messaging application on mobile devices. Today, Skype also arrives on computers in a brand new interface! What changes can we expect? What does the future of Skype look like on our PCs?

The new version of Skype, clearly inspired by the social network Snapchat, which landed on Android devices and iOS last June, is finally available on computers. The software edited by Microsoft comes in fact to arrive in preview version! This “preview” version allows users to take a look at this new version while keeping the old version of Skype.

Skype arrives on computer

On its official blog, the instant messaging application is briefly back on the new features that equip this new version of Skype. If you already use this new version on your Android, you should not be too messed up.

So you’ll discover a new social networking interface with group audio or video calls, improved file sharing, likes – like Facebook or Twitter. A notification panel will also allow the user to monitor the number of times he was quoted in a conversation. Not sure that this approach, halfway between the traditional social network and the instant messaging application, appeal to users.

Which devices are compatible? All operating systems are currently supported by the Microsoft e-mail application except Windows 10 1607 and 1703. If you are on Mac OS or Windows 7 or 8 or on an older version of Windows 10, you will have no problem to install this new version.

To download the new generation Skype, simply go to the Skype Insider website and select the operating system of your choice. What do you think of this new version? What do you think of Skype in general? Are you tired of the repeated breakdowns that follow this year?

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