Silence! Soon Chrome will be able to mute entire sites in a...

Silence! Soon Chrome will be able to mute entire sites in a few clicks


The Google Chrome browser is now the most used in the world, snatching more than half of the entire market share. But it is not by having the preference of most users that Google failed to implement improvements in their browser. This week we reported that browser version 62 will treat HTTPS-less sites more aggressively, thereby improving user security and making hackers’ lives more difficult.

Well, here’s more news coming to Chrome. Francois Beaufort, a Google employee, said on his Google+ profile that soon we could silence entire sites within the browser. More and more is becoming a trend in the internet videos with autoplay, that is, they start to play alone. I, in particular, find this a tremendous nuisance.

Chrome currently indicates which page is playing the sound with a small animation in the tab corner. This way the user does not have to go from tab to tab to find which page is noisy. And with a right-click on the tab you can mute it. However, if you reload it or come back at another time, it will continue to play sound automatically.

With this new update the user can mute the whole site directly in the settings. In this way, any page within that domain will no longer play any type of sound automatically. To completely mute the site, just click on the left corner of the address bar, where the padlock is on connections with HTTPS. Then a drop down menu will open. Just search for the Sound option and click on it to leave the site mute.

Pretty simple, huh? So you can choose which videos you really want to see. Another cool feature that Chrome developers are preparing is a native ad blocker, which will block only those intrusive advertisements like pop-ups. This update is expected to arrive in early 2018.

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