Shimon Peres Joins Snapchat

Shimon Peres Joins Snapchat


Social media mediums such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Snapchat are very well known amongst young teens and young adults. Since these apps have become so well known, it is evident that the number one users are the younger generation. This is because; you will find a higher number of younger people on their cellular devices. But as time progresses, things change. I have witnessed more and older generations making accounts for the social mediums mentioned above, especially Instagram. Everyone wants to be in the scoop with technology. Even a lot of business people I find are on Facebook and Twitter, to promote their businesses. You are able to create business pages on Facebook, and can post pictures and articles and keep people informed.

Shimon Peres Joins Snapchat

For those who don’t know what Snapchat is, which is most likely a small percentage, Snapchat is an instantaneous photo app that permits individuals to distribute brief moments with their friends and followers through images and videos that disappear immediately. It has blown up in social media and popularity, since it’s release in 2011. In my opinion, it is definitely one of the most popular apps on Smartphone’s.

In terms of Snapchat I haven’t noticed this really catch the eye of the baby boomers yet. It has become a very popular form of communication and entertainment for the younger adults. It is very addictive and I find people like to keep people updated of what they are doing all day. But according to Shimon Peres he likes to break stereotypes and the norm.

Shimon Peres, former Israeli President decides to do something most 93 year olds wouldn’t do. He joins the Snapchat revolution.  He states from a Facebook post. “I turned 93 this week, and it seemed like just the right age to join Snapchat. Young people inspire me, and the most important thing for me is to hear what they have to say.” I think it is great that someone from an older generation is being inspired to do something by a younger generation. It is great that Shimon Peres doesn’t follow the crowd. He is doing something that is catching everyone’s attention. I think the younger crowd would find it amazing, because Snapchat is something they enjoy and to see someone of his age joining Snapchat, it is quiet a surprise, but a nice one. I think it is great that the younger generation has left such a lasting impact on him. I know it is certain that some adults find social media a waste of time. For most its functions are useful and for many it is a relaxing past time.

The message that Shimon is trying to send is that he thinks it’s important that the older generation keep up with the times. He wants to create an innovative generation, where technology is the main concern, and I think that is compelling according to The Algemeiner. We may all speak different languages but I think with social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram, this creates unity and brings everyone together. By more of the older generation joining Snapchat this doesn’t leave anyone behind.

Shimon Peres stated to The Algemeiner, “it’s no use having an old mind in a new world.” He may be inspired by the younger generation, but I think he is definitely spreading wisdom onto the younger generation, and giving something for the older generation to think about. I know for sure that some people of his age would never join, because they are living in a completely different generation where they never grew up with social media, so it is understandable.

The fact that Shimon Peres got young leaders to set up the Snapchat account for him and teach him how to use it is amazing. It is clear that Shimon is interested in what the minds of young people are engaging in. He wants to broaden his reach without a doubt, to a much younger generation. Shimon Peres is creating and maintaining history. Snapchat and social media are far from a waste of time. It is leisure, entertainment and best of all it is fun. Why should there be restrictions in terms of what people are doing, because of age. Many might argue with this and I’m sure many might have disagreed with his actions, but for the most part I’m sure many found is amazing. Many 93 year olds have no interest in what is going on with technology or what young generations are interested in these days. They are set on their ways, so it is great that Shimon is showing an interest and isn’t self-absorbed.

With over 100 million daily active users – most of which are aged 18-35 according to The Jerusalem Post, that accounts for the younger generation. Snapchat has caught the eye not only of Shimon Peres, but also of advertisers, media outlets, and politicians who have turned to the app for specific and ingenious reasons that many of the baby boomer generation, probably wouldn’t think of. Mainly, the reason is to expand their access to a young, scientific, smart and technological age group. Snapchat can be of use and advantage, to politicians in terms of gaining the attention of certain crowds for votes. It is of use of advertisers, because Snapchat can definitely be used for advertising products or brands. It would keep people informed.