Samsung facing “Spend more but replace less

Samsung facing “Spend more but replace less


For more than a year it has been officially known that Smartphone sales are dropping throughout the world. With turn down rate of 8 percent, Smart phone deliverance size has been reduced to 360 million units globally in third quarter of this year, as reported last Thursday by Strategy Analysts. The decline scored four quarters in a row for smart phone sales. But this decline will be end after this month and will be elevated in next year as reviving trends has been noticed in the markets for coming year.

Analysts pin the decline with shrinking smart phone market in China and Samsung for its declining trade. With 20 percent share, Samsung is still leading smart phone market. But its sale of 72.3 million units in last quarter has been lagging behind by 13 percent from a year ago sales. Due to increasing dominance in the giant markets of China and India, Samsung has been put under pressure by its rivals like Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo and Other Chinese brands.  And Samsung needs to address the situation timely.

On the other hand, with 14 percent of market share, Huawei grabbed 2nd position in last quarter. With annual increase rate of 32 percent, Huawei shipped about 52 million smart phones in last quarter.

Showing a flat growth rate, Apple sold 46.9 million units in last quarter, holding 3rd position with 13 percent of market share.

Xiaomi spotted 4th position after selling 33 million units in the last quarter, grasped 9.2 percent of the market share. On the sale of 31.2 million units, Oppo secured 5th position with 8.7 percent of market share.

Consumer psychology towards smart phones, especially Samsung, has also been changing as they now usually go for the high-end smart phone by spending more but replacing less than before.