Sales of Galaxy S7 turned tables for Samsung


    As when Korean smartphone giant Samsung reports its 1Q financial report, there has beena profit hike worth 12% – depicting high sales of Galaxy S7.

    INSIGHT: On a look back at market platform, Samsung always faced ‘challenges’ or ‘favorable circumstances’ while accelerating. Not to mention, the smartphone manufacturer gained high popularity around the globe in year 2012 following a launch of its Galaxy S3 – enhancing consecutive five Qs’ profit scale. However that was a temporary meritorious joy; for it faced seven straight Qs of declining profits afterwards.

    In its recent financial filing, Samsung reported an increase worth 12% in its profit over the year-ago period – i.e. a yield of $5.8 billion (6.68 trillion won) – beating the 5.53 trillion-won average estimates predicted by Bloomberg analysts.

    It’s may not be wrong to believe that the company’s mobile sect — its main revenue generator — had rose once again with operating profit worth 3.89 trillion won – bullish with 42% over the same Q last year alongside being highest since 2Q- 2014.

    With reference to this, the company acknowledges the contributing sales of its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge (an earlier launch of March 2016)

    In contrary to this, company’s chip sect — that has always been maintaining its profit rate in recent Qs — reported a loss of 10% from the same Q last year alongsidebearish demand for memory chips due to the global decline in PC shipments.

    Collectively, Korean company had 49.78 trillion won in sales – an increase of 5.6 percent over annual-to-annual estimate.

    Samsung looks onto similar sales boost after three months of time-span.

    UPDATE: In accord with Korea Investment & Securities information, Samsung claims to have shipped nearly 8.5 million Galaxy S&s during this Q – surpassing analyst Jay Yoo’s forecast of 7 million.On a related note, for 1Q-2016, Samsung has shipped approximate 81.9 million phones – slightly bearish from 82.4 million in the same Q, last year.

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