Response to Facebook Reactions: Meh!


    Recently in February this year, we saw that amid all its new add-ons, the social giant rolled-out new reactions (symbols) for its users to work with –something innovated with the usual ‘Like’ button.

    According to results presented by Social Media’s analytics firm, Quintly: an analysis of 130,000 Facebook post revealed:

    Nearly 97% (total) of user interaction comprised of comments (7.2%), shares (14%) and likes (76.4%) instead of recently added-on reactions for expressing laughter, happiness, shock, anger, grief or *love for a specific post.

    (*”love” is the most popular reactor used as per research)

    These filed estimates certainly do not bring in healthier prospects for marketers for whom these Facebook reactors did seem of high interest to avail their content’s viewing-criteria.

    “It is clear that Facebook Reactions are not used very frequently by the average [person] at this point.Until the launch of Facebook Reactions it was hardly possible to express a negative perception. Now it is, but the share of people using it is very low. Facebook users prefer to interact with content that entertains, is funny or just generates positive emotions.” –Quintly Communication Manager Julian Gottke wrote in his blog

    In contrary to this, Facebook video posts receive more of these reactions – users prefer to react to videos with the ‘wow’ reaction ‘significantly more often’ as compared to images; The same goes for an ‘angry’ reactor, that is used quite frequent (source: Quintly)

    On a related note, interesting information revealed in this study projects towards caution users prefer to take while avoiding a usage of an angry reactor – hence, to signify personal interaction domain’s norms.

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