Qualcomm reveals 15% faster recharge on smart-chip smartphones

Qualcomm reveals 15% faster recharge on smart-chip smartphones


Qualcomm introduces Quick Charge 4+, the new charging platform, not only faster, but also safer, able to monitor the temperature levels. While smartphones, and in general, mobile devices become more powerful, the problem is low batteries: not only because they often fail to ensure self-sufficiency, but also for charging times. Qualcomm tries to solve with the new Quick Charge 4+, which promises greater efficiency, and rapid charging function.

Not only that, according to Qualcomm, the new technology is faster in charging times, but it is also more efficient, with lower temperatures compared to the previous version, so do not worry about possible problems with overheating.

According to Qualcomm, “Quick Charge 4+ makes a big step forward, able to simultaneously monitor the temperature levels of houses and charging connector”. This additional layer of protection helps to avoid the danger of overheating and short circuits, so you can be assured not to damage the USB connector C. ‘currently Flush out a terminal supporting the new technology is currently difficult, and among the compatible smartphone includes Nubia currently Z17. Its processor is Snapdragon 835 and the storage can range between 64 GB and 128 GB. The screen has 5.5 inches and Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), the single point on Nubia Z17’s technical specifications list that may disappoint those who expect higher resolutions from top-of-the-line smartphones. The battery, powered via Quick Charge 4+, has a capacity of 3,200 mAh.

It ‘easy to imagine what will be many Android OEMs to support early in the new Quick Charge 4+ charging technology to allow users to autonomy, even with very short charge cycles, but above all safe.

The increased efficiency of the Quick Charge 4+ can be attested by the lower amount of heat dissipated by the cellphone at the time of recharging. The figures released by the company point to a reduction of up to 3 ° C in temperature. Taking into account the inherent risks of batteries subjected to high temperatures, heat control is good news.

Qualcomm’s new accelerated charging brings three features to the handsets that support this technology: Dual Charge, Intelligent Thermal Balancing and advanced security settings. All of these features work together to increase efficiency and prevent accidents resulting from the explosive combination of excessive heat and batteries.

The Dual Charge system means the inclusion of a second power process management circuit. Batteries rely on this type of circuit to monitor the energy, preventing excessive charge and heat generated when the component continues to receive power, even after 100% recharged. The inclusion of a second circuit ensures even more process control by cutting the chain in half as a way to prevent scratches.

Intelligent Thermal Balancing monitors the temperature in real time and directs the current along the path of least resistance, reducing heat and waste.

Finally, the advanced security settings are a set of tools that monitor the charging process at both ends – in the cell phone and charger – to prevent scratches and to ensure that the temperature does not damage the circuits and the USB-C port, for example.