Porsche going environment friendly launching electric sports cars with leather-free interior

Porsche going environment friendly launching electric sports cars with leather-free interior


Porsche, as its latest attempt to comply with green credentials, is making its new version of Taycan electric sports cars that will not make use of leather at any stage in process of preparing it to avoid potential boycott as environmental activists are lobbying to do so in Germany.

A climate activist group that calls itself Rocks in the Gearbox in Frankfurt last month vandalized more than 40 luxury cars at a car dealership in Kronberg on the suburbs of Frankfurt, an incident that added to a string of anti-auto protests. The activist group, at the time, also called for a boycott of Frankfurt Auto Show that was held last weekend on September 14 in Frankfurt, as they called the auto show an event of celebrating an obsolete transportation system that is dangerous for climate and destroying environment.

Porsche, part of Volkswagen, while showcasing its first zero-emission sports car, announced earlier this month that it will invest about 6 billion euros ($6.7 billion) through 2022 that the company would be spending on development of electric vehicles.

Porsche, for the first time, is offering a complete leather-free interior in its new sports car Taycan, and use of innovative recyclable material in interior of that car highlights the concept of the electric sports cars sustainability, Porsche said.

Porsche’s Taycan has an operating range of 450 kilometers that makes it the first electric vehicles from the automaker which can compete with electric sports cars from Tesla in terms of range, which came on the heels of an 800 volt battery system and a quick five minutes recharge of its battery could extend that range to further 100 kilometers, the German automaker said.

Porsche priced Taycan Turbo S at 185, 456 euros and deliveries to customers expected to be started from January 2020, the carmaker added.

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