Petition of White House to declare Soros terrorist tops threshold

Petition of White House to declare Soros terrorist tops threshold


More than 100,000 US citizens have signed a petition requesting the White House to declare a currency rogue, George Soros as a domestic terrorist.

The Washington Post reported that the petition had been published in the We The People section of the country’s administrative center on August 20 which required more than 100,000 signatures within 30 days for official feedback.

However, early Saturday afternoon, the petition was digitally signed over 110,000 times.

“George Soros deliberately and continuously tries to undermine stability and engage in seditious acts against the US and its people.

“In the petition, Soros was alleged to have created and funded an organization that simply facilitated the collapse of the US Constitution and system,” the report said.

The We The People section was launched by Barack Obama while still US President in 2011. The section is a portal that allows anyone to check in to the White House website and publish a petition that will receive feedback at the government level.

Previously, no petition passed over 100,000 signatures received a reply from the new US President, Donald Trump.

There are still some petitions awaiting the government’s response to Trump’s tax returns which received over 1.1 million signatures and petitions asking the US to recognize Antifa, the antifascular movement as a terrorist group that received over 300,000 signatures.

According to one who signed the petition, Soros had developed unhealthy influences on the entire Democratic Party and most of the US federal government.

Accordingly, he said, the US Justice Department should promptly declare Soros and all his organizations as domestic terrorists.

Soros wanted Uruguay as a laboratory to experiment with the use of marijuana

In 2013 the idea of ​​the then president Jose Mujica to decriminalize the use and cultivation of marijuana, whose commercialization today makes the government itself has found detractors at international level, that advise against its implementation.

It has been questioned that billionaire George Soros traveled to Uruguay to support and finance the legalization of cannabis, because he considers the country a kind of “laboratory” whose example may be useful to the world.

The Uruguayan opposition concluded that the country and its citizens should not be used as laboratory mice for other countries to draw conclusions about the drug.

The ex-president Mujica who always spoke against capitalism, met Soros and received the help of the multimillionaire.

In 2014 it was announced that the Foundations for an Open Society, by the magnate George Soros, would contribute $ 500,000 that year to nongovernmental groups and universities in Uruguay that study the impact of the legalization of marijuana use, confirmed in Washington a spokesperson for the organizations.

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