Out With the Old In With The New: Former Facebook Live Manager...

Out With the Old In With The New: Former Facebook Live Manager Launches Live-Streaming App


In terms of social media I think it is clear that these mediums are used to promote instantaneous moments.  You are sharing your life stories with the world.  But maybe that’s not what you’re looking for. Maybe you’re looking for something different. Maybe you’re looking for a new experience like a private environment. Does this even exist? Apparently it does now.

According to Venture beat, you are now able to stream live stream recorded footage on through Alively. The irony in all this is that is was started by Vadim Lavrusik, an ex Facebook product manager who worked on the company’s live video feature. To be precise it isn’t meant to be a performance like feature, but just about sharing the moment. I know individuals who vlog live streams video features on YouTube, so I think it is great that it is being implemented through social media. In my opinion it makes it a nuances experience for the users. To actually see someone sharing a moment live makes it similar to like Facetime. When you’re talking to someone on the phone you can sometimes sense how they are feeling, but when you actually see their face you know right away what they are feeling. With this new feature You’re actually witnessing a person’s true expressions and emotions. I find it so much more genuine, because I feel some people tend to fabricate their posts.

live 2For more business type individuals and people that have business pages on facebook I think this feature will be top notch in order to share exciting and new information. For example if a new product is coming out, you can record and stream a live footage of the product. For individuals who aren’t business workers, I think this new feature just makes it more fun and wants to bring the best high quality footage.  I think what is most important about this new feature is that there is less focus on likes. The best part is that you don’t have to have the app installed to watch footage. People can send videos to their friends and family through SMS. And yes the video quality is a high.

The only downfall if you consider it one is that you can only watch the videos on a mobile device and not on a desktop. I don’t see this as a huge concern as many people are always on their Smartphone’s. Otherwise Alively is nothing but positive as it is a free app and making its way to countries all across the world.  The company has already received $800,00 in funding from investors. Clearly, this shows they are starting off well. I can see this being a popular app, and I find it similar to Snapchat. If it does as well as Snapchat that would be huge.

What makes this app so Innovative is that you have the luxury of choosing who you want to see the video. You have access as to who is viewing your video or maybe you only want to share the video with certain people. With Facebook you can do this as well in your settings, but lets face it, people are lazy to change their default settings. So Alively has the option to do it permanently. In terms of replays, there are no limitations versus Snapchat where you are only viewing the snap for a very short period of time. Ex Facebook product manager Vadim Lavrusik wants to focus on creating a great experience through narrowcasting versus broadcasting. This is where the more private, intimate, and personal experience and environment comes from. Case closed then that Vadim has taken what he has learned from Facebook and expanded and made it better. Does Facebook have some competition in terms of sharing video footage? I think so.

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