Opportunities in cryptocurrencies


    The economy is changing radically. We are not yet aware of how the cryptocurrency will affect each and every facet of society in the not too distant future. From the knowledge of this change and the opportunities that are already emerging, it will depend that we know how to better adapt to the new socioeconomic structure and that this change of incredible opportunities at all levels is less abrupt. We are in a moment of opportunities and risks never experienced before.

    The future expectations of cryptocurrencies are quite good, although it is not known which ones will be maintained at the end of the race as the chosen ones and, therefore, those that will demand the most. However, right now there is a multitude of cryptocurrencies in which you can invest or acquire as if it were another currency of legal tender (FIAT). As it is invested in gold, Swiss francs or dollars, you can also invest in cryptocurrencies hoping that in a more or less near future they will revalue with respect to traditional money (FIAT).

    This mode of investment, through the purchase of long-term cryptocurrencies with the idea of ​​keeping them in the portfolio awaiting a strong revaluation, is the so-called HODL.

    We would have to expect great volatility and high risks. Currently there are more than 2200 cryptocurrencies. The most important in volume are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Tether, Dash and Litecoin.

    To date, investing in a very broad portfolio of well-diversified cryptocurrencies offers much higher returns than any other type of investment, despite the fact that many of the cryptocurrencies suffer strong drops and periods of very high volatilities. Overall, the performance is very positive. The main cryptocurrency so far, being the first, the most negotiated and the best known and popular, is Bitcoin.

    All of them, to a greater or lesser extent, do not cease to be financial assets suitable for risky investors, with expectations of strong revaluations. We think that each person should have a small part of their capital invested in this type of assets, since one could give us a very pleasant surprise, and if, on the contrary, the investment were lost, it would not have a strong impact on the total of our capital. In addition, you can invest in cryptocurrencies from really low amounts.

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    Brayden Fortin is a American with numerous years of investment experience in the American Equity Market and in the Global Commodity Market. He has a B.Com degree from a well respected Canadian university and has experience working in the wealth management industry. He is interested in delving into numbers to analyze companies and markets. He won a couple of international strategy simulation competitions involving decision making through numerical analysis, and also scored in the top 50 on the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (out of nearly 200,000 test takers).