OnePlus Non Familiar in U.S. but Not Stranger

OnePlus Non Familiar in U.S. but Not Stranger


In the midst of escalating trade war between United States and China, OnePlus, a China origin premium smart phone company succeeded to enter in the United States market. Despite being well known company in India and having presence in 34 other countries of the world, with its range of high end cell phones, most of the U.S. market is not familiar with the name OnePlus. But not for all, as OnePlus is well known inside the android loving, features focused, tech-savvy niche through steady strategy of online selling its products directly to customers on affordable prices and especially through “flash deals”.

But now in short span of merely five years from its beginning, company founded its way to successfully break into U.S. market in alliance with QUALCOM and T-Mobile. In an event on Monday October 29 in New York, T-mobile officially announced the alliance with OnePlus. And added that OnePlus 6T will be available at all T-Mobile stores from November 1 at an affordable price of $549, T-Mobile being exclusive carrier of its.

Unlike other Chinese companies which usually focus only on heavy selling of low end consumer products, OnePlus emphasizes online selling of premium phones normally starting from $400. This is the biggest reason that OnePlus generate is two third of its revenue from outside its home country and counted to be the top seller in India where OnePlus is present physically through Amazon India and  walk-in service centers across India.

OnePlus with T-Mobile alliance came forward in the situation when other carriers like AT&T and Verizon under pressure of U.S. government, stepped back to further proceed with the Huawei being security risk. And U.S. sanctions also resulted in banning companies to sell goods to Chinese company, ZTE, for it was caught violating sanctions by shipping U.S. technology to North Korea and Iran. But this alliance will be an experiment, in high tension phase between both governments, for other companies at each end to come forward to develop business relationship especially in areas of most advanced technologies.

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