Nvidia’s AI Platform to Chinese EV

Nvidia’s AI Platform to Chinese EV


On Wednesday CEO of Nvidida Corp, one of the U.S. chipmaker companies, has announced about signing of deals, for development of autonomous technology based electric vehicles, with three different Chinese startups companies. SF Motors, Singulato Motors and XPeng Motors are the start ups that signed the deal with Nvidia.

Nvidia’s computing platform and Xavier, a with artificial intelligence (AI) driving chip, will be used by Singulato Motors and Xpeng Motors for development of hardware to be used in autonomous vehicles and from data collection to machine learning are the series of further projects upon which both the companies will be working on. Whereas, XPeng is planning to develop customized hardware and software in collaboration with Huizhou Desay SV Automotive Co Ltd and Nvidia for launching its vehicle in 2020 with the level 3 features of intelligent driving.

For autonomous driving technology the term level 3 means that with the requirement of responding to driving only in some cases, car drivers, with a very little focus upon driving, could perform other activities while driving.

Singulato towards its plans of up gradation to level 4 will initially be using Xavier platform of Nvidia for development of level 3 of auto-driving system. In Level 4, apart from some certain situations, vehicles become equipped with complete driving autonomy in most conditions.

Based in Silicon Valleyin the United States, SF Motors will be using Xavier for development of its next-generation platform, which is also planning to launch its first electric CUV in 2019.

Xavier, released by Nvidia earlier this year, is a system-on-chip (SOC) supports real-time processing of wide variety of artificial intelligence to be used in certain products including robotics, drones and autonomous driving. Local infrastructure and traffic situations adaption by vehicle has been achieved by the automaker by adding specific software to Xavier chips.

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