Nordstrom, Rent the Runway partnering to attract more customers

Nordstrom, Rent the Runway partnering to attract more customers

Las Vegas - Circa June 2019: Nordstrom Retail Mall Location. Nordstrom is Known for its Service and Fashion II

The fashion specialty retailer Nordstrom Inc has partnered with the clothing rental company, Rent the Runway on Thursday, aiming attracting more customers to visit the department store along with bringing more convenience and service improvement for the existing as well as new customers of the clothing rental service.

Rent the Runway provides drop-off boxes to subscribers to quickly scan and return the rented items, these boxes will now be placed inside Nordstrom’s four of the stores in Los Angeles, out of which three stores are though smaller and local ones but seen as “a convenient drop-in hub” by the chain because of their presence in vicinity closer to the residential areas.

For Rent the Runway, Los Angeles is of more importance as it is not only the company’s fourth largest market but the Nordstrom Local’s Brentwood, Hollywood and Downtown LA are the locations where subscribers of Rent the Runway are present in high density whether they are living or working closer to those stores, as said clothing rental company.

Executives from Seattle, Washington-based retailer and clothing rental service, based in New York City told Reuters that the collaboration is to provide the subscribers of Rent the Runway with more convenience to drop off rented items and also to provide them with opportunity of exploring other offers at Nordstrom Local stores with personal stylists present there to be consulted for fashion or beauty services, make quick returns or have their clothes altered.

Due to fierce competition in retail market from online retailers like, H&M and Inditex’s Zara, many of the conventional retailers are teaming up to fend off the impact of that increasing competition, and the partnership between Nordstrom and Rent the Runway is the latest addition in that list.

Rent the Runway’s similar experience with WeWork remained successful as company has seen 180 percent increase in returns directly from customers since its launch in October 2018, said the company.

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