Nokia for 5G Prospect, Reorganizing its Management

Nokia for 5G Prospect, Reorganizing its Management


After the Nokia’s decision of some structural changes for the oncoming era of 5G technology, head of its largest business unit of mobile network has been leaving his position, as reported by the Nokia on last Tuesday.

Finnish Tommi Uitto will be replacing the Marc Rouanne, leaving head of Nokia’s mobile network arm. Nokia has described the Tommi Uitto as an “expert in radio technologies”.

In the time span of merely few weeks, Rouanne is the second of the senior executive of Nokia who has been leaving the company as earlier at the start of previous of month, Ilkka Rahnasto, head of Nokia’s patent business, had resigned.

To better ripe the opportunities associated with 5G technology, Nokia is planning to combine two of its business segments as part of which a new group of Access Networks will be formed by joining its current divisions of fixed networks and mobile networks. A president will be leading the new division for which no name has been considered by Nokia.

About 30 percent of the Nokia’s revenue is comprise of share from its mobile network division, which, headed by Rouanne, has just started to get investments from the operators for development and provision of the 5G technologies.

In 2016 for 15.6 billion Nokia had acquired its rival Alcatel-Lucent, since then sales segment of Nokia’s mobile network product has been lead by Uitto, whereas Rouanne, before joining Nokia in 2008, was also remained the part of Alacatel-Lucent.

By providing a good number of comprehensive services, licensing and end-t-end portfolio of products through its infrastructure of fixed and mobile networks, Nokia has gained a leading position in the market. In United States and Chinese 5G technology markets, Nokia’s is having outstanding success rate for getting a business deals.

With formation of Access Networks Division, Nokia is fore seeing the simplified management structure providing better leverage for 5G opportunities.

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