Nintendo launches new games for the console Switch

Nintendo launches new games for the console Switch


The Japanese maker of game consoles Nintendo announced it is launching several new games for its new hybrid console Switch, directing attempts to capitalize on the early excitement about its latest hardware system, writes Bloomberg.

“We are currently developing a game with Pokemon”, announced the Kyoto-based Nintendo at the start of the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

The company and Ubisoft Entertainment will present a new game with Super Mario, which will be only for Switch. The actual presentation is scheduled for August 29. Among other names rank popular titles such as “Metroid 4” and “Rocket League”, who will receive their own versions of Switch, many new products will be able to play more than one player at a time.

“This changes the game,” said Reggie Fils-Aym, president of Nintendo of North America. “Traveled the world, playing everywhere with everyone.”

Nintendo, which pioneered the video game industry in recent years struggling in recent years, as new devices disappointed, and demand focus on games that do not fit the image of her family. Reversing the trend started with “Pokemon Go” – a mobile game that became a worldwide sensation last year. In March he Ninendo launched and its newest device – Switch.

The unique design of Switch, which combines in one console for home and mobile device, quickly became a hit among players and became the fastest-selling console of Nintendo in North America. Positive reactions from the debut of the device on March 3 sent the share price of Nintendo with over 40% up. They climbed to the highest level since January 2009

Nintendo said it expects to sell 12.74 million. Switch units from the end of March – about the same number, which in its previous console Wii U sold for the entire period since the market. The strong early demand made investors more confident in comparing Switch with the Wii 2006 Wii sold 101 million. Units, becoming the most successful home console.

Achieving the goal of sales depends on the quality of the games that Nintendo will release the rest of the year and during the Christmas season.

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