Netflix and Chill! How Netflix Is Defeating Traditional Media

Netflix and Chill! How Netflix Is Defeating Traditional Media


According to the latest of news market analysts have been emergent and more careful when it comes to the streaming service, with concerns about subscriber development and competition from other services such as Inc. There are two charts outlining thinking, which focuses on Netflix’s capability to interpret strong subscriber growth and user engagement into more capital.

Netflix is known as one of the most popular services to watch all your favourite movies. Why do you think people have been going to the movies less? For a small fee a month you can watch movies in the comfort of your home. Plus going to the movies has gone up in price. Once you add up popcorn and drinks, it’s almost not worth it.

The first chart represents subscriber growth. RBC forecasters say limitations to run with little sign of a recent slowdown. Netflix saw double-digit growth from 2013 to 2015.

Secondly, RBC claims that most important statistic is the average amount of time users are viewing the program each day.

  • This is where Netflix is winning with about two hours of standard daily watching. Also, to subscribers/subscriber growth, viewer commitment including minutes of watching is a major observation for various Media content platforms.
  • Netflix definitely has more pricing power than people apprehend. The consistently greater engagement by Netflix users vs. other key media networks insinuates that Netflix’s monetization can rise. Income could rise if Netflix is able to close certain gaps. Of course, competition is likely to only become even more of a concern in the future, not less of one. Competition in terms of businesses just doesn’t seem to slow down or end. So if you can’t beat them join them.

DMR outlines some great statistics for Netflix and the reason to their success. Since July 18, 2016 Netflix has had 83 million subscribers. From outside the U.S. there are 42% and in terms of international subscribers there are 34 million.

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