NBC optimistic for esports, 4k coverage and gaming

NBC optimistic for esports, 4k coverage and gaming


On December 10-11, at the two day Sports Video Group Summit in Hilton Midtown, New York, positively dealing with the several new technologies along with esports video game tournaments were offered by the executives of TV networks.

But a more careful approach, for esports and Ultra High Definition (UHD), was taken on by Mark Lazarus, Chairman of the NBC Broadcasting & Sports division of Comcast Corp.

Till now, NBC, not only by broadcasting but also by hosting others games on its network, has came up with a diversified approached towards the esports, said Mark Lazarus during his closing keynote of the summit for which he quoted the past two years partnership of NBC Sports with Faceit, a production company, in an annual esports tournament namely Universal Open Rocket League.

For esports, he illustrated the success for its company but also admitted that the people with the ownership of intellectual property of today’s esports are more successful than any other person related to esports. And acknowledging the significance of intellectual property and intentions to utilize it into the gaming technology, NBC has been coming together with Universal Pictures for the same.

Lazarus further added that in coming days for its potential to compete, esports will be challenging traditional TV broadcast.

In 2016, with the 4K coverage of Summer Olympics from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and later on in 2018 from Pyeongchang, South Korea, coverage of Winter Olympics in 4K and 4K high dynamic range (HDR), NBC Sports has become involved in Ultra High Definition (UHD). And during the 2018 season, 4K HDR coverage of Notre Dame College football home games was also broadcasted by the NBC Sports.

For 4K broadcast till its adoption up to an acceptable level, according to Lazarus, NBC will not be hurrying for a higher quantity, as it always remained careful while making investments.

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