Microsoft to renovate campus in multibillion dollars deal

Microsoft to renovate campus in multibillion dollars deal


Tech giants Microsoft has stated that it making plans to build a second headquarters in addition to its main one in Seattle. The company said they are also considering expanding the area of the current headquarters.

The company is making plans to sink multibillion dollars in its current campus in Redmond, Washington with the aim of overhauling it. The company stated that it is looking to expand the campus so that it can accommodate over 8,000 new employees. They also want to create spaces that will be used for collaboration and recreation. This is all in an effort to keep up with their sustained growth in the area of hiring. They seem to prefer trends that will support more open office spaces.

The expansion will take roughly 5-7 years to complete. It would include the demolition of 12 low-rise buildings in the middle of the company’s original headquarters, replacing them with 18 new buildings. The 18 new building will have many of them taller than the current buildings. This information was revealed by the Chief Legal Officer of the company Brad Smith during an interview. He stated that the added square footage will see the campus have equivalent size as 180 football fields.

CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella has been making plans to change the work culture at the company, ensuring that it is more of a collaborative environment than the current structure where employees are scrambled in closed-door offices. The new design according to the company will include a space for over 8,000 people in an open-air plaza and outdoor areas. The areas to be included are sports facilities, green spaces and other.

At the moment, Microsoft has around 47,000 workers in their Washington office. Brad Smith stated that “We’ve focused on the cultural transformation of the company. We want to create a workspace that supports the culture we are creating. A workspace that encourages people to be creative, to work with each other and to learn from each other.”

He stated that the building will be close together, with the parking area to be moved underground. The new campus design will favor pedestrian usage. The design will also support a light rail which will reach the campus. The company confirmed that the project will create over 2,500 new construction and development jobs.

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