Luxuries of Jeff Bezos, the new richest man in the world

Luxuries of Jeff Bezos, the new richest man in the world


After four years on the throne, Bill Gates gave up his place as the richest man in the world. Since Thursday, Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, ranks first in the ranking of Forbes magazine. Its equity reached 90.9 billion dollars to overcome, thus, 90.7 billion Gates.

Despite his rather low profile, his rejection of ostentation, Bezos with his massive fortune allows himself some luxuries and pursues singular passions.

Beverly Hills Mansion

The largest perhaps, a huge mansion in Beverly Hills that he bought in 2007 for $24.5 million. 1,100 square meters with seven bedrooms, a greenhouse for your plants, a tennis court, a spacious swimming pool and a guest house for your visits. The property is just a few meters from Tom Cruise’s estate.

Reach into space

The founder of the e-commerce giant pursues an obsession since childhood. In fact, one of her teachers recalled an occasion when she said: “The future of humanity is not on this planet.” Much later, as early as 2000, he materialized his childhood endeavor. He founded Blue Origin, an aerospace transportation company.

Four years later he bought Corn Ranch, in Texas. An area of ​​67,000 hectares served as a test site for the New Shepard rocket, a vertical sub-orbital vehicle that landed in April 2015.

F-1 Engine Recovery

In another million-dollar investment, the entrepreneur led F-1 Engine Recovery, a mission with robots that aimed to recover the lost engines of Apollo 11 that reached the Moon. The remains were submerged somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

Washington’s Largest House

Less than a year ago, on October 21, 2016, Bezos – who sought to preserve his identity and appeared on public records as Cherry Revocable Trust – bought for $ 23 million the largest house in Washington DC. In the Kalorama neighborhood, the Textiles Museum became a family home, it was speculated, the tycoon aims to be closer to the headquarters of The Washington Post, the media he acquired in 2013.

The incredible robot test

In March, during an Amazon event on advances in robotics, artificial intelligence and space exploration, Bezos climbed into a giant robot and exclaimed, “Why do I feel like Sigourney Weaver?” In reference to the Avatar actress. The robot, almost cinematic, was developed by South Korean firm Hankok Mirae Technology and will be used to move heavy objects and lighten the work of man.

Its most eccentric incursion is the one of the “Clock of the 10 thousand years”. The entrepreneur earmarked $ 42 million for a watch that will run without maintenance for ten millennia since its commissioning. Despite his extravagance, there is a basic concept that Bezos, unprepared for the bombastic statements, wanted to leave sitting: “I do it as a symbol of long-term thinking. If you look at the long term, you can solve problems that cannot be fixed another way”.

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