JetBlue Airways Corp. still positive despite of Feb unit revenue fall


    JetBlue Airways Corp. is taking opening approx. 24 vacancies for new program to train novice pilots to fly a passenger jet. The suite would be the very first of its kind at a large U.S. airline and would be costing approx. US$ 125,000 in budget alongside consumptionof four years completion. Graduates could wind up flying 100-seat passenger jets.

    UPDATE: JetBlue hired more than 300 pilots last year, and a group of 30 new hires just started training last week.

    TUESDAY: As per latest presses releases by JetBlue Airways Corp. (JBLU), when it projected a first-quarter unit revenue decline, the primary unit revenue dropped off approx. with 10% in February.

    JetBlue Airways Corp. looks onto unit revenue in a regulatory filing – measured as revenue per available seat mile – to plunge by 7% to 8% in first Q in comparison to previous annual estimate.

    Apart from this, according to JetBlue’s senior vice president of safety and training, Warren Christie:

    [Exclusive from The news-Gazette: The program won’t replace the airline’s traditional pipelines for pilots, many of whom come from smaller airlines. Applicants will be judged with tests measuring hand-eye coordination, multitasking, critical thinking and other skills. Those who survive the first cut will be interviewed. There also will be a personality assessment but not *psychological screening. The applicants will pay for their own training, and the cost is not much different from the amount that many aspiring pilots now spend to accumulate the 1,500 flight hours necessary for an airline pilot’s license.

    Psychological screening has increased since a German wings pilot intentionally crashed a plane last year in France, killing 150 people.

    “They will absolutely be as qualified as any other pilot that is operating a JetBlue aircraft.” – Warren Christie

    He further stated that the trainees will meet all federal requirements before carrying passengers.

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