James Murdoch Might Switch to Disney or Comcast

James Murdoch Might Switch to Disney or Comcast


The CEO of 21st Century Fox Inc. James Murdoch is looking to turn the recent interest from potential buyers of their company as a basis for a career reset.

For years now, Murdoch has worked tirelessly that Fox’s international, entertainment and sports assets have improved. The company has accomplished much such as having a share satellite provider Sky Plc., starting up channels like National Geographic and Star India.

That wasn’t all he had to deal with though. Murdoch has had to deal with a number of sandals at Fox News, a studio that he headed but never had full control over it until recently. According to the people close to the issue, it is believed that International assets such as Sky and Star India are things he is used to handling. The source stated that if the company decides to sell the entertainment channels and keep hold of the news channel, then Murdoch would most likely leave the company.

Fox news can be considered as safe as it is the ultimate pride and Joy of Murdoch’s 86-year-old father Rupert, a businessman who was responsible for building this media empire. Rupert is currently contemplating whether to sell some parts of his business or hold onto them. The Murdoch family have been open to selling some part of their business after they were approached by Walt Disney. This is due to the fact that they have been annoyed with the financial markets undervaluing their assets, according to another source. If founder Rupert can get an offer that matches his valuation of the company, then he will be willing to sell some of his assets.

When contacted, the spokeswoman for James and Rupert Murdoch declined to comment.

The possibility of a deal comes at a time when James Murdoch is dealing with sexual harassment scandals at Fox News, with the conservative commentators opposing his rather liberal views. The scandal that started due to the network’s treatment of women has led to the resignation of network Chairman Roger Ailes and top TV host Bill O’Reilly. The scandal has also affected the company’s proposed acquisition of for Sky in the U.K. the Fox News scandal further affected James who has had to deal with phone-hacking scandal in the U.K. years prior to this incident.

The source stated that James would most likely join Disney or Comcast if any of the company asked him to take on a managerial role.

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