Intel to proceed in 3D technology with Replay Technologies

Intel to proceed in 3D technology with Replay Technologies


Latest releases from anonymous resources cite chip manufacturing giant, Intel Corp. — that had been eager to widen up its business — to have had made an announcement to form a union with an Israeli virtual-reality startup specializing in the digitization of sports.

INSIGHT: Intel is no stranger to 3D technology: the company’s RealSense 3D cameras have been around for the past couple of years and have been integrated into PCs and laptops. The cameras allow users to do things like implement a green-screen effect to change the background behind them and look around Google Maps’ Street View using just head motions, but those features are more along the lines of fun and interesting than practical.

As what Wall Street Journal reports, the deal  — estimated to close within three weeks’ time-span — is set out for Intel to pay approx. US$ 150 million and US$ 170 million for the Tel Aviv-based company.

On a similar note, more news from WJS claims Replay’s Chief Executive Officer Oren Yogev to might be appointed as corporate vice president at Intel.

Intel Corp. believes Replay Technologies’ exclusive format uses high-resolution cameras and computer-intensive graphics to let viewers see and experience sporting events from any angle – 3D video technology:

“Immersive sports require the high-performance computing Intel is known for, and it’s also data driven—fueling the continued builds out of the cloud. For athletes, coaches, broadcasters and fans, the ability to capture, analyze and share data adds compelling new dimensions to the game.” – Press release by Intel

“Together, we will scale this new category for sports entertainment that we call immersive sports.” – Intel’s senior vice president, Wendell Brooks

No financial details of the transaction have been provided by Intel. However, an Israeli publication Globes claims the amount to be worth US$ 175 million.

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