Intel is intending to expand into 5G future beyond phones

Intel is intending to expand into 5G future beyond phones


Intel Corp on Monday said it remained pouring billions of dollars into 5G network technologies which resulted in new chips and partnerships.

The chipmaker giant to those new chips and partnerships are hoping to be persuading its investors that investments in technology have been paying off.

Intel is world’s second largest chip maker by revenue and in 2011 with acquisition of German modem maker Infineon, Intel expanded its footprints in wireless data business and held Apple as its sole major customer for modem chips being used in iPhones to connect with mobile carrier’s network.

But competing with chip making rivals like Qualcomm and MediaTek, the aggressive modem business came in with lower margins than that company was used to make selling its flagship processors for personal computers and data centers.

The lightening fast 5G networks are much faster than current 4G network and are expanding at faster pace with expectations to be rolling out in current and next year, and for its future in 5G era, Intel is extending its business beyond selling of modems to phone makers, Bob Swan, Intel’s chief executive.

For its 5G strategy, Intel is intending to sell modem chips also to automakers for connected vehicles as well as manufacturers for establishing connections between industrial equipments. Also for its other chips, Intel is intending to provide those chips to be used in variety of network equipments, he said.

Intel is also came agreement with network gear makers Arcadyan Technology, Fibocom Wireless and others to provide them with Intel modem chips to be used in their modules and gateways which will make industrial equipment able to connect with 5G networks, as said company at a conference on Monday.

For using Intel processors in their 5G networking equipment, Ericsson and ZTE also concluded a deal with Intel, company said.