Industrial Robotics growing with guided vehicles and mobile robots

Industrial Robotics growing with guided vehicles and mobile robots


With the escalation of process automation by industries and vendors, market of collaborative and industrial robotics has been growing faster. Robots will be gaining more versatility, reliability and efficiency by developing wider ecosystem, cloud robotics and machine operation based on deep learning.

Strong growth has already been occurring in the sector of industrial robotics. ABI research, in its study of latest worldwide market, has projected that revenues of commercial robots in industrial manufacturing will grow robustly from $166 million to $22 billion in time span of 2018 to 2027.

On the floors of the factories, newest is the trend of using mobile robots. This trend of complementary robotics technology, with more smarter and self-directed Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), will be replacing the existing robotic arms in the industries.

To better spread the different benefits of AMRs and AGVs, industrial experts and analysts has also remained in debates to explore new ways to use these mobile robots in industries. AGVs, with the necessity of to be guided in movements by the floor makers, are much cheaper than AMRs but also be more ideal to be deployed in green fields. To the other end, AMRs is the future standard for the industries having requirement of flexibility in production lines and infrastructure-free navigations.

Integration of swarm intelligence, sensor fusion and deep learning algorithms will be beneficial for the industrial robotics technologies ahead, which are also being supported by sensors, such as radar and LiDAR, and cameras.

Development of ecosystem has also been started by many vendors for growing robotic technologies.

Cloud robotics will become more relevant with increasing adoption of smart manufacturing platforms by the industries while going through digital transformation.

Prior to connecting the robots with industrial cloud platform, many challenges, like data analysis, virtualization services and data security, are still to be focused for the adoption and deployment.

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