In giant cleanup, Facebook deletes more than 2B accounts in 2018

In giant cleanup, Facebook deletes more than 2B accounts in 2018


Facebook has accumulated strategies during the year 2018 to be able to improve the security of its users and to prevent the excess of fake accounts or distributors of spam. Recently the company released a report in which it claims to have closed 2.1 billion accounts this year alone, scary numbers, especially if we take into account the fact that the world population is 7.5 billion people.

The contents that were explored in these profiles were linked to adult nudity, hate speech on different topics, encouragement of terrorism and violence in general. Facebook has been deleting accounts for a long time, but this year it did a social network cleaning, an attitude that helped paralyze the influence action of various groups that were bombarding the internet with false and unpleasant information.

In the long run, many other profiles may emerge, but those that have already been removed help social network administrators to track down any kind of activity that makes it possible for those illegal groups to return to the site.

According to information published by The New York Times, after the scandal involving the data leak for Cambridge Analytica, Mark Zuckerberg was highly annoyed by comments from Apple CEO Tim Cook That’s because the Apple boss suggested more control over the social network and even give a nudge at the company stating that the Cupertino giant does not treat the data of its consumers as a commodity. According to some Facebook officials, Mark Zuckerberg’s reaction was not at all friendly backstage. The founder of the social network even recommended that his development team should use only Android and set aside Apple’s iOS.

With the publication of the article and its repercussion in the world, Facebook responded by saying that it recommends to its employees the focus on Android because this is the most used system in the world and deserves more attention. In addition, the company denies that Mark Zuckerberg was furious with Cook.

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