IFA 2018: Huawei introduces Kirin 980, the first 7nm chipset on the...

IFA 2018: Huawei introduces Kirin 980, the first 7nm chipset on the market


After many rumors it is finally among us: the Kirin 980 has been announced and will make Qualcomm fear its competitor! Huawei announced on Friday at its conference at IFA Berlin its newest high-performance chipset and also the first processor for smartphones with manufacturing at 7 nanometers.

The Kirin 980 system-on-a-chip. Image: Huawei

In 2018 and 2019 all manufacturers are expected to finally put aside the 10 nm lithography to gamble on the compact, powerful and extremely efficient 7 nm. The first was Huawei which it announced now in August. In September, Apple will introduce the new A12-chip iPhones that will also bring new architecture. Next we expect Qualcomm to announce the Snapdragon 855 with 7 nm and also Samsung with its Exynos 9820.

But while competitors do not release their new processors, let’s now give full attention to the Kirin 980 which is definitely a killer!

The Kirin 980 comes with everything better than Huawei has. The configurations reinforce the growing rumors of recent months and the chipset was unveiled with two Cortex-A76 cores for high performance, two Cortex-A76 cores for high efficiency and four Cortex-A55 cores for extreme efficiency.

Huawei says that the A76 cores are 75% more powerful and 58% more efficient than the Cortex-A75 cores. In addition to the new architecture, the company has confirmed the CPU subsystem with “flex-scheduling” that allocates “the correct cores for the correct tasks,” optimizing the system and preparing the chipset for focused tasks.

And yes, the Kirin 980 is the first processor with new Cortex-A76, which takes performance from notebooks and laptops to mobile devices and offers DynamIQ technology. Still in relation to the improvements, we have 25% more integer instructions per clock, 90% more bandwidth, 35% better floating performance point and 4x better computational performance for machine learning / machine learning applications.

The chipset also takes the lead by becoming the first processor with 7-nanometer lithography and can reach configurations up to 3 GHz thanks to its new size. It is extremely likely that the new Kirin 980 will hit the market later this year with the launch of the new Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro (both with three rear cameras) in October this year to reinforce its potential to hit head-on with the new iPhone models which will be announced in September.

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