IBM plans to open 250 cybersecurity managers designation in New Brunswick for...

IBM plans to open 250 cybersecurity managers designation in New Brunswick for future


In collaboration, both New Brunswick premier Brian Gallant and IBM Canada would create approx. 100 full time jobs within company’s security division in Fredericton – pay range: US$ 50,000 to US$ 75,000 on an individual scale basis.

IBM Canada’s global technology services GM, David Drury made announcements to add on further 110 and 40 jobs in Saint John and Florenceville-Bristol, respectively. The statements had reached press following New Brunswick’s premier announcement. Market looks onto it as: collaboration between the two could createan ‘Information and security tech’ pointof focus in New Brunswick – already a hub to a natural cybersecurity cluster that dates back 25 years, with the establishment of Canada’s first faculty of computer science in year 1989 (source: cantech letter).

“We are fortunate to have international companies such as IBM in New Brunswick. IBM is a leader in information technology and in cybersecurity. The expansion of its operations in New Brunswick means more valuable information technology jobs and a strong foundation for the continued growth of the cybersecurity sector in this province.” – Premier Brian Gallant

Right at start of month March, reports from San Francisco claim premier to have had a meeting with IBM and rest of the tech firms to tighten cybersecurity.

“This economic development investment will create a hub of information technology, security technology expertise and high-value jobs in New Brunswick. Together, we are planting these economic development seeds to help transition New Brunswick into a knowledge-worker economy that can positively tackle huge challenges, such as the monumental growth of cybercrime, for the benefit of all Canadians and organizations worldwide.” – IBM Canada’s president, Dino Trevisani

UPDATE: as per the strategy, the provincial government will pay US$ 12,000/job as a payroll rebate – collectively an approximate worth US$ 3 million investment.

On a similar note, the platform was designed, built, tested and supported primarily in New Brunswick.

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