Huge Triumph: China Launches Revolutionary Quantum Satellite in 2016


    For all you science nerds out there, according to CBC News, you can find a video where China launched a revolutionary quantum Satellite on Tuesday August 16, 2016. What does this mean? Well advancement with technology and science of course.

    There will be communications between space and the ground. If that’s not exciting then I don’t know what is. Even coming from myself who isn’t into science, this interests me, because I think it is important to be aware with what is going on in the news and with our world. In the video you will see that the rocket transported the satellite that occurred on Tuesday morning.

    The launch will drive forward efforts to progress the capability to propel communications that can’t be infiltrated by hacking. It is an utterly powerful space programme that’s for sure. If everything is successful, China will be able to construct a universal network that can deliver information and communication that can’t be wiretapped.

    Your probably wondering how it works? Now to get a little technologically science on you. According to the Daily Mail, Quantum messages employ subatomic elements to steadily be in contact between two reference points. It uses rock; specifically crystal that can predetermine data and encryption keys in quantum particles that are beamed back to the planet Earth. It is amazing what the capabilities with technology are.

    Seems to me they are endless. This really does open up doors and other possible uses with technology. If you’re wondering if people have been able to send messages from land to space, the answer is yes. Researchers around the globe have attained victory with sending quantum messages by land. Of course only authorized personnel are able to read the programmed data, which is understandable. For those who are interested in this subject, I’m sure many people around the human race think having protected communications at a quantum stage is essential.

    What does this mean in terms of quantum communication? It could potentially turn out to be a key protection with hackers. If a hacker attempts to crack a memo, it transforms its structure in a way that would warn the correspondent and that would make the message disappear or erase. We know in the past and even today that people’s emails have become hacked. I remember my msn got hacked back in the 2000s. That’s why it is important to have an original password. Quantum messages could have applications varying from government infrastructure to online shopping. I think online shopping is something that the not so savvy technology and science people are interested in. Of course with technology and better yet life there comes challenges.

    The challenge they are facing, is having to adjust the satellite with accuracy to locate a site on the globe, where it can transmit and receive data exclusive of being interrupted by any disorder in the Earth’s atmosphere. Alexander Ling, chief investigator at the Centre for Quantum Technologies in Singapore states, “You’re trying to send a beam of light from a satellite that’s 500 kilometres (310 miles) above you.” Clearly, that sounds impossible, but I think Mr. Ling would say it is highly improbable.

    But why not take on a highly improbable challenge? Chinas expectations are for all this to become a standard, it is only a matter of time and waiting before this becomes successful. Nothing is conclusive yet, but China is expecting big things to happen. This is a grand achievement for the country of China and for science and technology. Sure in terms of the Olympics, The US has the lead. But with this, China is definitely on top and can lead by example in terms of technological advancement with the Earth.

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