Huawei’s Dream Comes Partially True

Huawei’s Dream Comes Partially True


Huawei has an ambitious plan in mind and has not hesitated to expose it every time it gets a chance. The Chinese manufacturer wants to be the largest in the industry in 2020 and to achieve this the Chinese network and smartphone giant has to surpass its two predecessors in the different sales rankings that are published every quarter. It must surpass Apple and should do the same with Samsung.

It seems that the first has occurred in this quarter, a quarter that should close at the end of September and reveal that Huawei has climbed to second place worldwide mobile phone sales. According to Counterpoint data, the Chinese manufacturer has surpassed Apple by the end of July and, as we say, they still have to count the month of August and the month of September.

With these figures, however, there is something that already happened between Apple and Samsung at the end of last year. Following the disaster caused by Note 7 sales on Samsung accounts, Apple rose to the top spot in the mobile phone market, cutting nearly 8 points to overtake Koreans.

Things returned to normal three months later but the move broke multi-year record. The third quarter of the year, often a seasonally stronger period, which is the most powerful in sales for Apple failed to live up to the hype. The reason is none other than the market awaiting the introduction of the new iPhone that touches each generation.

This does not bring much surprise that Huawei has surpassed Apple in sales in July. The Chinese manufacturer has been getting closer and closer to Apple for several years and in 2017 the figures were so close that the first blow was made to the Americans.

With just over 12% of sales share at the end of July, Huawei has managed to excel above the Americans and continues with its promotion. Counterpoint’s own graphics show the situation of both manufacturers just two years ago, when Huawei was at 8% and Apple was holding 15% of the market. Today both manufacturers are much closer and Huawei’s dream of being the second maker of the market is coming true. The next thing is to start cutting distance with Samsung.

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