Huawei aiming top by 2020

Huawei aiming top by 2020


Huawei has been growing as major contestant in the global smartphone market after gaining top position in the world’s biggest smartphone market of China with a physical presence of Huawei stores and advertisement at every nook and corner of almost all major cities of its.

By the end of second quarter of this year Huawei has over taken the Apple and by market share it secured position of second-largest smartphone supplier. But Huawei is aiming to be on the top position by 2020 which Samsung is holding currently. Huawei is currently focusing on 5G mobile technology, augmented reality glasses and foldable phones.

But it is also the reality that until 2010, Huawei, despite being an original design manufacturer (ODM) and was involved in the business of designing and making mobile phones for the other companies, didn’t launched any phone under its own brand name. And now Huawei is beating Apple after launching its first own-brand smartphone in 2010, three years later than the release of first iPhone in 2007.

Like Apple, Huawei is also been involved in designing of its own artificial intelligence chips to be used in its smartphones. So far Huawei remained successful to market its affordable phones despite having lack of new features, but has been trying to provide high end smartphones with cutting edge features at relatively high prices.

Huawei, besides hardware technologies, has also been providing other services like music streaming, cloud storage and video content but limited only to Chinese market, with a claim of 100 million monthly active users of its music streaming platform Huawei music.

Because of the rising demand of mobile networking equipment and Huawei being one of the largest providers of that equipment has now stands among China’s biggest technology companies. Historically Huawei was B2B focused company but gradually extended its attentions towards the consumer side and succeeded.

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