HP to launch its first 3D printer worth $130,000


    After 19 months of claims to step into 3 dimension side of the printing tech, the computing and printing giant Hewlett-Packard finally rings the bells.

    Latest reports have brought in tech giant’s PC and printing portion, HP to be betting an ambitious entry into *3-D printing regarding which the firm believes could give its market position a boost.

    (*one that it intends to spearhead a years-long campaign to remake manufacturing)

    TUESDAY: With its industrial conference, it aims to provide new details regarding its efforts of five-year to develop a conventional printing technology to fabricate physical objects.

    ORLANDO: Exclusive report found by Stephen Nigro at RAPID tech conference: Nine companies, including Nike, BMW and Johnson & Johnson, are testing the HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution.

    “We want to change the way the world prints parts. Customers are looking at how to transform their (3-D printing) business from prototyping to production.” – Nigro

    UPDATE: According to company’s claims, the two upcoming 3-D printers aimed at high-volume production are upto 10 times faster than competitors.

    The technology is a little bit different from the usual offerings – it can print using multiple materials or multiple colors at the same time.

    “We see it having an impact that we haven’t seen in 28 years.” – Wohlers & Associates’ president, Terry Wohlers

    He further opinionated that the market for 3-D printers, which improved to $1.516 billion worldwide last year, could mushroom to $640 billion if it penetrates just 5% of the $12.8 trillion manufacturing economy.

    Upon press query regarding new printers’ exportation, the company says it does not plan to ship any before late 2016. However, the company claims to have been booking orders alongside a fixation worth $130,000 as starting-cost for a single printer.

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