How much united are Apple and IBM?


    There have been a lot of speculations going on about IBM (International Business Machines) to be in acquisition of almost 200,000 Macs annually exactly a year before it made announcement of a giant enterprise deal along with Apple. Certainly, this means a lot to Mac, and it’s easy to see it as a validation of last year’s deal.

    Despite of such a big favorable announcement, there’s still something pulling Apple and IBM off the track? And that’s that? It has really been very shocking for most of the observers all around the globe when Apple was locked in an existential battle over PCs with IBM (and Microsoft, of course). However, the deal was reported to be a rising factor for iOS in enterprise which did not comprise any mention of Mac Systems. For Apple, leaving out the Mac means that this deal is not likely to be anywhere near as transformational as it could have been. While having IBM push iPhones and iPads in the enterprise will no doubt boost sales, the fact is that iOS devices already have a huge lead in the enterprise.

    Still today, despite of IBM acquisition truckloads of Mac systems for its very own workforce, there’ no statement as such that claims IBM to be sharing Mac’s benefits with its customers and employees. Sure, IBM is a really big company and 200,000 computers is hardly chump change. But the real power of an Apple/IBM hookup is what they deliver to other companies.

    This means, it’s evident enough that IBM is not including Macs along with iPhones and Apps. Perhaps this will bring some sort of alternation when more and more IBMers do their daily work on MacBook Airs instead of ThinkPads, but until then, I’m not seeing this combination as a full-fledged marriage (more like a long-distance affair).

    Still anything is possible no doubt!

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