Honda Urban EV Concept: the retro future of electric car

Honda Urban EV Concept: the retro future of electric car


Electric cars are becoming more attractive, not only in terms of their consumption and their purchase price, but also their technological offer. There is no brand at this point that does not already have plans to launch in this market that grows fasters. Honda already has some vehicles in this segment, but it is the Honda Urban EV Concept that has delighted consumers.

The Japanese company unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 this electric vehicle which is a Concept Car built on a completely new platform with a totally futuristic design. The concept car is based on an innovative image and platform that focuses on battery-powered electric vehicles. The vehicle was presented by the president and CEO of the company, Takahiro Hachigo, who confirmed that this concept will arrive in Europe as early as 2019.

It’s a modern vehicle even in terms of usability. The Honda Urban EV Concept brings advanced technology but uses a simplicity of lines, although very sophisticated. Its compact, low-cut, “square-school” style looks like a car with a firm, secure and very sharp driving, suggesting a sporty ride. The information revealed shows compact proportions with a total length lower than the Jazz model in 100mm.

There is nothing like displaying headlights flanking the symbols, also in LED, and an area where text messages appear, which could be in several languages, where the greetings were the most displayed messages. But this detail can be used to give advice to other drivers on the road (leaking plans) or charging status updates.

The exterior of the Honda Urban EV Concept is optimized thanks to its thin A-pillars and a wide windshield that seems to travel all over the front of the vehicle. Another of the features, although they begin to appear more strange solutions in this area, are the doors that open from front to back, instead of traditional from back to front. This allows you to get in and out of the car more easily. Honda also made a point of moving the battery-charging door to the hood.

This Honda vehicle presents the company’s vision for a world where mobility and everyday life are seamlessly linked. The advanced Honda Automated Network Assistant system acts as a personal “assistant”, who learns from the driver and senses the emotions behind his decisions. After you understand and know your driver, this assistant can make choices or make recommendations based on learning.

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