Harder Task of Live Sports Streaming – Even for Tech Giants

Harder Task of Live Sports Streaming – Even for Tech Giants


Despite the internet, still not ready for it, the trend of live sports has been switching from TV broadcasting to the internet stream.

After facing a technical issue while processing online purchases of customers for a pay-per-view golf match between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, on last Friday, AT&T has been enforced to make it free to watch, marking it the latest failure in attempt to stream a sports event online. And these failures have been deteriorating the transition of TV towards the digital future.

Comparing satellite TV and cable, internet is more likely to be experience glitches while covering sports event, as on the internet more than before companies from Amazon to ESPN of Walt Disney Co. are broadcasting major sports.

A sport streaming is also a hard task for the technology giants as in August, fans with complaints about problems like poor functionality and picture quality during Amazon’s live streaming of U.S. Open for U.K. viewers. In July during a semifinal match of Football World Cup between Croatia and England, TV service of Youtube went down. Earlier in February, during final moments of the Super Bowl, error messages were experienced by some of the viewers of Hulu.

Unlike live streaming of movies and TV show, due to its availability for a few hours during which many people at the same time are watching the same thing, it is harder to stream a sporting event live being more exposed to break downs or glitches.

Before the delivery of sports event to an internet provider through a third party, real time processes involving taking feeds, to ensure that it will work on internet devices like Roku or Xbox, its encryption, insertion of advertisements, make the live streaming sports more complicated.

But these challenges remained failed to obstacle media companies from live streaming of sports which has currently been done through third-party companies.

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