Google rolls out another China-specific app named ‘Files Go’

Google rolls out another China-specific app named ‘Files Go’


Google has rolled out a file managing app in several Chinese app stores as a part of its efforts to make foray into the world’s largest smartphone industry, where most of its top services and products are banned.

The search engine giant launched a ‘Files Go’ version exclusively for Chinese market. Files Go is a storage management tool developed for smartphones that helps users to free up space in their devices. It is the second China-specific app the company has launched since its flagship services were removed from the world’s most populous country.

The latest app will be the first from Google that will be available on third-party Chinese app stores, such as those hosted by Huawei, Baidu and Xiaomi Technologies.

Google services were banned in China back in 2010 when it refused to censor search results on the Chinese version of its search engine. As a result, Chinese authorities banned its search engine along with its email, cloud services and app store.

Chinese regulators argue that limitations on international media and internet platforms are imposed to prevent influences that affect stability of the country.

The Mountain View, California-based company has been making efforts to expand its operations in China. It has built a dedicated artificial intelligence (AI) research hub in Beijing, as a part of those efforts. However, it is slow in rolling out consumer products amid strict censorship laws.

Google has accelerated its efforts to expand in China in the near past. Its CEO Sundar Pichai has visited the country several times since December, beside addressing at a couple of Chinese government forums.

The company also rolled out its translation app in China. The app, named ‘Google Translate,’ is maintained by the company’s local mutual venture.

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