Google building Green Data Center in Denmark

Google building Green Data Center in Denmark


Google is heading to build a new data center in Fredericia, Denmark worth nearly $700 million expected to be completed by 2021, which will be powered by richly available green energy. Facebook is also planning of a data center whereas Apple with its two data centers is already benefitting from the Demark’s greenest energy with lowest prices and high security of supply which in Nordic region also strengthen the interest of such power demanding companies.

To ensure power supply by renewable energy source for its new data center in Denmark, Google will undergo a power purchase agreement (PPA).

Since long Nordic countries, generating cheaper electricity from renewable sources like wind and hydropower, remained the attraction for industries with heavy power requirements, are now be a magnet for power-hungry data centers also.

A study conducted by the official body for regional cooperation, Nordic Council of Ministers on Tuesday stated that by 2025, in Nordic centers, annual investment can be increased 100 percent to more than 4 billion euros ($4.57 billion).

To reduce their carbon footprints and manage costs, big companies like Microsoft, Facebook and Google are rushing to Nordic region to get cheap renewable energy by corporate PPA which allows them to purchase the energy directly from the energy generator.

With more established markets in Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Paris and Dublin, Nordic countries are trying to win the multi-billion investments.

Despite being recognized as less connected in renewable energy market, the Nordic region, because of its political stability and abundant renewable energy resources, is expected to be growing in its market share. And connectivity will also be improved after installation of planned major optic fiber links to Asia and North America.

Earlier in September to buy renewable energy from three new under construction wind farms to power one of its data center, Google signed a 10-year agreement in Finland and now in Denmark, plenty of offshore and onshore solar and wind energy project are under evaluation by Google for investment.

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