Gol Linhas reveals that more than a third of its aircraft already...

Gol Linhas reveals that more than a third of its aircraft already have WiFi


Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes has a large fleet of over 100 aircraft and has invested enough to offer its passengers WiFi on board, allowing you to connect to the internet. Now it has been revealed that more than a third of the company’s fleet of aircraft has support for the connection.

It was informed by Gol itself that 50 aircraft already have connection via embedded WiFi. Users can access the internet after a certain altitude and it is necessary to pay extra. Meanwhile, the company also offers several free movies for the attending passengers, enough to connect to the Gogo service account.

It has also been announced that up to now, there have been more than 230 thousand connections to the Internet within Gol’s aircraft. This brand was reached in only ten months and the trend is only to increase, since Gol intends to offer WiFi connection in all its 120 aircraft by the end of October 2018. For this, the company uses a satellite infrastructure based on Ku band.

Gol application features

  • Buying airline tickets: Your next trip is just a touch away. By choosing the “Buy here” option, you have features that streamline the process, such as the credit card reader, which speeds up data entry using the camera on your smartphone.
  • Check-in: you have the option to hold or cancel your check-in at any time and place. With your airfare’s locator, Smiles number, CPF or just your first and last name, you start your check-in and choose the seat of your choice during the process. Once you’re done, you’ll receive your boarding pass on your smartphone.
  • My reservations: now manage your reservation completely from your smartphone. You can change your seat, anticipate or change your flight and more.
  • Flight Status: Track details and information about your flight status and time.
  • Transit to the airport: from 4 hours before the flight, the application uses the location of your cell phone to know where you are and sends traffic notifications to the airport. If necessary, you have the option to anticipate or postpone the flight, according to availability.
  • Parking reminder: Take photos of where you parked your car and have the geolocation service to mark the location. The reminder is saved in the app so you can see it when you return.
  • Luggage reminder: Before you pack your luggage, take pictures and make the notes you want. The remainder will be stored in your application.
  • Smiles: Smiles client has one more facility with the GOL application: it can view the balance, extract and verify information about its category.
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