German Watchdog KBA Orders Recalls of VW Touaregs Due to Defeat Devices

German Watchdog KBA Orders Recalls of VW Touaregs Due to Defeat Devices


Germany’s KBA automotive watchdog on Tuesday announced that they had ordered a recall of Volkswagen’s flagship European sport-utility vehicles (SUV) that comes with 3-litre diesel engines after the regulatory body detected two irregular emissions control devices in the car models.

More evidence continues to surface regarding Volkswagen’s deployment of defeat devices two years after the company’s emissions-test cheating scandal went wrong in the United States. The biggest automaker in Europe has since been working to rectify the effects of that and keeps things under control.

The recall of Volkswagen’s Touareg model of the latest Euro 6 diesel generation was made last week Friday, with a total of 57,600 models affected globally, with about half of those vehicles in the company’s home market Germany. The KBA revealed this via an Email. The regulatory body stated that “Two inadmissible switch-off devices were found upon examination of the VW Touareg 3.0-litre diesel Euro 6 by the Federal Motor Vehicle Authority.”

This move followed the one made by German authorities back in June that saw 22,000 Porsche Cayenne SUVs recalled in Europe. Porsche Cayenne SUVs is similar to the Touareg as they have the same modular platform and also uses the 3.0-liter engine developed by premium VW stablemate Audi.

KBA further added that that the emissions from the car lowering “warming-up strategy” after they get activated was examined in a static bed test that was conducted under the new European driving cycle (NEFZ) was not taken for road testing.

KBA further added that they had detected a strategy that if they were to follow some conditions, then the strategy illegally restricts the use of AdBlue, which is a liquid extracted from urea that is important to aid in filtering nitrogen oxides from diesel emissions. The strategy in question is on Touareg models fitted with costlier selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems.

The largest automaker in the world has had to make some adjustment to the production of their Touareg by developing a new engine software that would help in fixing the affected vehicles, added KBA.

Volkswagen two years ago admitted to a systematic manipulation of engine management software to rig the emission test.

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