General Dynamics awarded with $7.6 billion Defense Department’s cloud computing contract

General Dynamics awarded with $7.6 billion Defense Department’s cloud computing contract


General Dynamics Corp’s CSRA LLC along with its partners succeeded to win a contract worth $7.6 billion for providing cloud computing services to Defense Department.

In a last Thursday statement, the U.S. General Services Administration and the Defense Department announced award of a contract known as Defense Enterprise Office Solutions (DEOS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) to CSRA LLC and its Contractor Teaming Partners.

The contract is for a period of 10 years that will be built on the Microsoft’s 365 platform, and Virginia-based Microsoft reseller Minburn Technology Group LLC and Dell Technologies Inc’s Dell Marketing L.P. are in partnership with CSRA in the contract.

DEOS is aimed to provide the agency with enterprise based capabilities including cloud-based productivity tools like spreadsheets and word processing, collaboration, emailing, file sharing and storage capacities by replacing the agency’s legacy IT applications with a standardized cloud-based services solution that will be implemented across all military services, Defense Department said in a statement.

Defense Department is seeing DEOS streamlining agency’s use of collaborative productivity and cloud email while increasing the cybersecurity and information sharing practices that would be based on a standardized requirements and well versed with the market offerings, said Dana Deasy, Chief Information Officer at Defense Department.

Earlier in last month, after U.S. President Donald Trump said that his administration was looking into the complaints from other tech companies on a bid by Inc for cloud computing contract, the Pentagon had decide to hold award of that $10 billion contract called the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure Cloud, or JEDI, the department’s other multibillion-dollar cloud contract.

U.S. lawmakers, in July, were in view that JEDI covers only a portion of cloud services needs of the Defense Department and any delay in award of that contract could be hurting national security and could also increase the costs of that contract.

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