From Under the Radar to the Big Bucks: Chinese Investors Buy For $900 Million


    In terms of Advertising technology, what’s got everyone talking is how was purchased for a chart topping $900 million dollars in cash by deep-pocketed Chinese investors. What leader and chairman Zhang Zhiyong aims to achieve with this aggressive move and big investment, is to bring into a main focus in China. He wants to make it a public company in China. He wants to make it a bigger authority in China, as it has done so well in the United States.

    I think there will always be this battle and competition between the United States and China. China is the kind of country that won’t give up and will fight hard. It is a big world out there, but you got to be able to keep up with it. It is a dog eat dog world in the business sector. I’m sure your probably all wondering, what is the big stink with this company? For those interested in the company, or who just want some background information on it, according to the blog post Fortune, Media. net is a company associated with Yahoo and is established in Dubai and New York.

    Technology industrialist Divyank Turakhia leads Also according to Ad exchanger, is an ad network. It is like the Adsense of yahoo.  It fluctuates approximately $450 million in annual ad income. Hence it does well for itself. Half of which is mobile, for well-known publishers like Forbes, The New York Times, Hearst and Meredith. Conclusively, it maintains a positive image and big name for itself with its earnings. Why else would Chinese investors want to invest in it? clearly is a reputable company, considering it generated $232 million dollars in revenue last year. In addition, it got seven bidders, but of course the biggest bidders were the Chinese. functions similarly to Google, in the case of deciding which ads to illustrate according to the content of the web page they emerge on. This large investment by Zhang Zhiyong is being noted as the third largest ad tech deal in history.

    According to Bloomberg, the arrangement is to sooner or later sell to an ambiguous telecommunications company, which would definitely get people talking and wondering. Apparently, their shares have been eliminated from doing business since 2015.

    It is evident, that the Chinese have their eyes on the prize. What they have is digital-fueled growth. They want to make Media. net successful in China. Until China purchased for $900 million dollars, lets just say that it was under the radar. But now we can obviously say that is quite the opposite. People are going to take note of this that’s for sure. I believe China knows what they are doing, and they are spending their money wisely. There is a lot of intelligent money in China, meaning investment is spent accordingly that will lead to more opportunities and growth. At the end of the day, if you have the money, spend it.

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