For Vladimir Putin, AI superiority is the key to future success

For Vladimir Putin, AI superiority is the key to future success


For Vladimir Putin, the current president of Russia, artificial intelligence is the future of humanity. The leader does not mince his words and affirms that the country that will become the leader in the field will be more or less the master of the world! What were the reasons that led the Kremlin leader to make such allegations?

Nowadays, artificial intelligence is everywhere! It’s very simple: it transforms our smartphones from top to bottom. As proof, many brands rely on services and components dedicated to its development, such as Huawei, which unveiled the first smartphone processor entirely dedicated to artificial intelligence.

Faced with this development, it is legitimate that a hint of anxiety arises. It is hard not to draw parallels with science fiction films like Terminator or iRobot and the latest statements by President Putin should not really reassure the general public of the interest of this new innovation. His surprising statement revives the debate on the risks of artificial intelligence for humanity.

The president of Russia is already known for his muscular and controversial positions. In spite of everything, his last public appearance, transmitted on all Russian televisions, will undoubtedly remain in the annals. To the entire Russian nation, it has indeed been asserted that artificial intelligence was the key to becoming ruler of the world!

In “Future-oriented Russia”, a kind of publicity for the younger generation, Putin said that the country that will become the master of artificial intelligence will become de facto the master of the world. He tempers and reassures by specifying that he does not wish it to happen. According to him, if Russia ever holds the power of artificial intelligence, it will share its knowledge with other nations. A very generous attitude for the rude head of state.

The head of the Kremlin readily compares artificial intelligence to nuclear and atomic technologies. For Putin, AI – Artificial Intelligence – is a weapon of expansion and a tool for negotiation.

These gloomy and aggressive statements provoked anxiety on the web. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, wanted to make his concerns on his Twitter page. The CEO fears indeed a real World War 3 based on artificial intelligence. According to him, this boom and this race for technological development could be one of the most plausible causes of a possible new world conflict.

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