Fitbit advances and approaches Apple in global smartwatch sales

Fitbit advances and approaches Apple in global smartwatch sales


Counterpoint, a market analysis company, has released results on smartwatch sales, and without surprises, Apple is still dominating that market. Although the output of devices like Apple Watch should continue to increase over time, even as the fourth generation of the watch arrives in stores, the company’s share fell from 35 to 30 percent between the third quarter of 2017 and 2018.

This is because Fitbit is gaining ground, and is following Apple with its second place in global smartwatch sales from July to September 2018. Fitbit, by the way, is already a veteran among fitness trackers, but newcomer among the smart watches, finding great market with its new device, the Versa.

This new Fitbit device is affordable, and with an interesting design allied to several sensors, contributed to Fitbit’s year-on-year increase from 6% to 16%. That is, if you have a greater diversity of products, the chances of growing are greater. Counterpoint analysts believe that Fitbit needs to have a model that supports LTE technology in order to steal part of the Apple Watch market.

Speaking of it, the Series 1 was the best-selling version of the device, again, before being officially discontinued by Apple, accounting for half of all the clock sales in the first quarter of 2018. The third position is for Imoo, focused on China, while fourth place goes to Samsung, thanks to models like Gear S3 and the new Galaxy Watch, announced next to Note 9 in August

Rumors about the Galaxy S10 already indicate what to expect from the ultimate design of Samsung’s most critical smartphone so far and that should mark the company as no other S-line smartphone so far. On the 10-year anniversary of the series, it looks like the South Korean giant plans to unveil, for the first time in the industry, the circular notch on the screen, coupled with extremely thin edges!

Samsung already seems to have defined the design of the Galaxy S10: with the new circular notch to accommodate only the front camera, ultrasonic biometrics on the screen and without the iris reader, the company should unveil a smartphone whose panel front will be virtually screen. And now new information from the leaker Ben Geskin indicates that the edges of the S10 will be thinner than the concepts presented by him so far!

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