Finally! Apple Partner Statement Indicates iPhone 8 with Wireless Charging

Finally! Apple Partner Statement Indicates iPhone 8 with Wireless Charging


Apple has been running behind rivals by implementing several features on the market for a number of years in its products and services, such as the IP67 water and dust damage certification included in iPhones 7 and 7 Plus and the file manager that has finally made its way towards iOS in version 11, with plans to officially arrive in a few months.

Now, a long-forgotten rumor has surfaced as it relates to the way iPhones users carry their devices. According to a comment made by the CEO of Wistron, Apple’s partner in the manufacturing of its products in India, the new generation of iPhones demands more attention when it comes to manufacturing, since wireless charging and water damage certification require more specific tests.

The assembly process for previous generations of iPhones has not changed much, though new features like wireless charging and waterproofing now require a few different tests, and the waterproof function will slightly alter the assembly process.

It is worth noting that the mention of IP certification concerns the fact that Wistron was responsible for manufacturing the iPhone SE , not iPhones 7 and 7 Plus, which means that they never needed to work with this type of feature before. As a result, its factories have probably been “forced” to adapt to the production of the new generation, making the next devices reach the country and neighboring markets faster.

As we have not yet had an official comment on the alleged iPhone 8, it is necessary to take the revealed information with a certain caution, since it was not very often the statements made by executives were not Confirming in the finished product, being either misinterpreted or related to prototypes that had their course modified until the commercial stage.

The iPhone 8, as usual, will be introduced by Apple early next September, but no specific date has yet been set for the conference. Among the novelties, we would have double module in both variants, greater frontal utilization and perhaps even the possibility of reading fingerprints directly on the screen, which would make its design much cleaner and more objective.

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